Borcego is a pet.


  • This pet was given to visitors of the Ankama Games Convention #3, as well as to the winners of the Rage Comic Contest (EN).
  • Given to those who subscribed for one month or more between October 31st and November 7th, 2012. In celebration for the event Al Howin 2012.
  • Purchased as part of the Special Pack between September 3rd and December 2nd, 2015.


Used in the craft of


+10 Pods are gained for every
Monster Number of kills
[[1]] 50
[[2]] 50
[Ouassingue|Boggedown Ouassingue] 40
[[3]] 20
[[4]] 15
[King|Mopy King] 1

Favourite AreasEditar

Area Bonus
[Dungeon|Bwork Dungeon]
[Plains|Cania Plains]
[Dungeon|Canidae Dungeon]
[Dungeon|Crackler Dungeon]
[Territory|Dopple Territory]
[Pig Dungeon|Dragon Pig Dungeon]
[Dungeon|Dreggon Dungeon ]
[Dungeon|Field Dungeon]
[Village|Imp Village]
[Mountain|Koalak Mountain]
[Cavern|Koolich Cavern]
[Crow's Library|Lord Crow's Library]
[Sanctuary|Pet Sanctuary]
[Dungeon|Scaraleaf Dungeon]
[Moors|Sidimote Moors]
[Bay|Sufokia Bay]
[Dragon Pig's Maze|The Dragon Pig's Maze]
[House|Tofu House]
[Forest|Treechnid Forest]
[Fair|Trool Fair]

Improved AbilitiesEditar

Feed Borcego a Borbat Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics to 1100 Pods.

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