Uma lista de vários comandos que podem ser usados na caixa de chat.

Carácter significa o alvo do nome do carácter. Como uma regra geral, Character means the target character's name. As a general rule, em qualquer lugar você pode usar um nome de carácter.

Você pode agora adicionar uma conta diferente para a lista como amigo mesmo se o jogador estiver offline.


  • /about (or /ver or /version) - Shows Dofus client version info (useful for bug reports).
  • /aping - Shows average ping time in milliseconds(ms) for the last 50 packets.
  • /available - Anyone can interact with you.
  • /away - You are considered away and nobody can interact with you, but you still receive private messages.
  • /cellid - Returns the ID of the cell your character is on.
  • /clear - Clears the chat window.
  • /f a (or /f +) ([character] or *[account]) - Add the player to your friend list
  • /help - Shows chat help, listing the commands currently available and their effects.
  • /ignore a (or /ignore +) ([character] or *[account]) - Add the character to your Ignore list for the session.
  • /invite [character] - Invite the character to your group/party.
  • /kick [character] - Kick a player from a fight. Only possible during setup phase, and only by the fight starter.
  • /list (or /players) - Lists the names of players in the fight.
  • /mapid - Returns the ID of the map your character is on.
  • /ping - Shows ping time to the server in milliseconds (ms).
  • /players (or /list) - Lists the names of players in the fight.
  • /private - Only your friends can interact with you.
  • /release - Releases your soul if you run out of energy.
  • /s (or /spectator) - Activate/deactivate spectator mode in your fight
  • /savereplaylog - Save the logfile for the current session to disk.
  • /sd (Only works in Dofus Beta) - Makes heads bigger, doesn't work on everyone, returns back to normal when you move.
  • /shieldmax - Switch your Ankama Shield to "Strong" security mode.
  • /shieldmed - Switch your Ankama Shield to "Medium" security mode.
  • /shieldmin - Switch your Ankama Shield to "Weak" security mode.
  • /solo - Nobody can interact with you.
  • /spectator (or /s) - Activate/deactivate spectator mode in your fight
  • /tab [chat tab number] [name] - Renames a chat tab
  • /time - Shows dofus universal time.
  • /version (or /about) - Shows Dofus client version info.
  • /whoami - Shows info about your character as it would appear if a friend used the /whois command on it.
  • /whois ([character] or *[account]) - Shows info about the character currently online.


You put the text after the command, obviously.

  • /a [message] - sends message to Alliance chat if your guild is part of an alliance and the Guild leader hasn't blocked you from using it.
  • /b [message] - sends message to Trade chat.
  • /g [message] - sends message to Guild chat.
  • /i [message] - sends message to Incarnam chat. This is the newbies/help chat.
  • /m [message] - sends message to players in same area looking to meet up
  • /p [message] - sends message to Group/Party chat.
  • Page Up (key) or Shift (key) + Up Arrow (key) - reply in chat.
  • /r [message] - sends message to Recruitment chat.
  • /t [message] - sends message to Team or Spectator chat.
  • /think [message] - shows whatever you type in a thinking bubble (Black Text Mode Only).
  • /w (or /whisper or /msg) ([character] or *[account]) [message] - sends a private message to that person.
  • *[message]* - displays the text in italics in the general chat. (eg. *is bored* will be shown as is bored in the chat window (but not in the animated speech bubble).

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These magic words can be used in all chat channels.

  • %area% - Inserts your character's current region in Dofus, eg. Astrub.
  • %subarea% - Inserts your character's current location inside a region in Dofus, eg. Astrub City. (This is useful in dungeons as it will often print out the room you are in).
  • %hp% or %life% or %hpmax% - Inserts your character's current number of health points, or max health points.
  • %hpp% - Inserts your character's current health as a percentage.
  • %pos% or %loc% or %position% or %location% - Inserts your character's current coordinates.
  • %stats% - Inserts your character's statistics, and bonuses, eg. Vit, AP, Int.
  • %level% - Inserts your character's level.
  • %xp% - Inserts your character's xp percentage of its current level.
  • %guild% - Inserts your character's current guild name.
  • %me% or %name% - Inserts your character's name.
  • %ach% or %achievement% - Displays your current achievement score and overall achievement progress percentage.


These must be learned first, see emotes.

  • /appl
  • /bye
  • /champ
  • /cross
  • /fear
  • /hi
  • /kiss
  • /mad
  • /oups
  • /pfc1, /pfc2 and /pfc3
  • /pipo
  • /point
  • /rest
  • /sit
  • /weap

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